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Garage Door Radiant Heat Shield Installation?
I live in the Texas, and my Garage Door faces directly south. Of course, my garage gets very HOT, and consequently, this makes it nearly impossible to use for any parctical purpose other than parking the car in there… So I’m thinking of adding a Radiant Heat Barrier / Shield to the inside of the garage… show more
Update: ai do plan on doing this myself.. it’s not a big job… and I’ve already researched for the lowest material price…

So.. when I do install… do I install within the panel (minimal air gap, or as a blanket on the outside of the door?

Posted by Dan

Admin: They make kits for this. Call the person who installed your door or any reputable installer.


How can I get into a garage I own?
So about three weeks ago my garage door stopped working. I need to know who to call to get this taken care of. Will a locksmith do it?

Posted by Glen

Admin: A garage door repair company (installation/repair) will be able to get in. They will probably drill a hole toward the top of the door and reach in with a long tool to grab the release rope. When they are done they will sell you a plug or a manual release that you can get the door open (with a key) if this ever happens again. You can do the same thing yourself.