Monday, 27 May 2024 - 11:32 am
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Torsion Spring

Questions and Answers

My garage door looks like it does not have a torsion spring?
My garage door has 2 springs on either end, no torsion spring in the middle. Looks like the left spring has broken. How to fix?

Posted by OD

Admin: You have an extension spring system, as opposed to a torsion system. I advise you to call a garage door company to replace. It’s not quite as easy as it looks, there’s a lot of stuff to consider should you decide to do it yourself.

A) Getting the correct springs, they have to be matched to the weight of the door. Some springs are color coded to make a match easier but not always reliable. And since you state that you have two springs on each side it leads me to believe that your door is a rather heavy wood door probably 15-20 yrs old and most likely need of other service. (Granted, I’m guessing here)
B) Replace one or all springs, springs have a rather predictable life cycle and if one broke the others are not far behind.
C) Do you have safety cables installed? If not you should.

Just a few of the things to consider. It’s do-able for a do it yourself but I’ve also had to fix a lot attempts made by home owners.


Can I convert automatic (genie) garage door opener from tortion springs to extention springs system-possible?
First of all, the genie garage door operator has nothing to do with the door. Operators are just an accessory to your door, designed to open and close an object. Your door has a manufacturer, typically stamped along the outside of one of the sections.

Posted by Nat

Admin:Yes you can change your door from a torsion spring to an extension spring door, but you are going to need a lot of parts. A torsion spring operated door when balanced correctly works better than an extension sprung door, and is easier on your motor operator. When you go to an extension spring door it has independent springing so it may not open level.
Also when adjusting or removing torsion springs please use a professional, it can be very dangerous and is not recommended for a homeowner.
We get a lot of requests to take an extension spring door and convert it into a torsion sprung door, and not the other way around. Please consider all the benefits of a torsion spring door before doing the conversion.