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Questions and Answers

How do I prevent or troubleshoot my garage door opener from stalling and not completely closing?
I have 1/2 HP screw drive garage door opener. I like this model because it has a SAFE-T beam feature that stops the door if a child is under the door while the opener is closing down.

Now, the problem is that when I use the control by the wall, I can close it but when I use the remote control, I had to press it so many times before the door closes, if at all. 95% of the time, the door just starts to close and then springs back up, even if there is no object obstructing the laser beam at the bottom. I have cleaned the glass of the “eye”, replaced the battery for the control with a new, fresh one, replaced the coil springs and still no luck. I am resigned to getting out of my truck each time and use the wall control and lower the door to a point where I can I can slip right thru and use the remote to close the door completely. In short, I have to use both the wall control and remote control to open and close my garage door.

Posted by Adam

Admin: Sounds like the button is staying pressed.
so it thinks you are pressing it again when u are not.
Try hitting the button then block the remote so it cannot activate the door and see what happens.
Good Luck


Garage door opener troubleshooting?
Craftsman Garage Door Opener Model 53930. I Have been missing with my garage door opener for sometime now. It will not close with the remote, when you push the button on the remote to close it, it just seems to try to open further. If it is closed, and you hit the remote button it will open fine. The only way to close it now is to hold the wall button and if you let go before it is fully closed it will turn around and start opening. I have cleaned the sensors, replaced the battery in the remote. Pulled the rope and let the chain move back and forth with out the weight of the door to see if it was to heavy. I have opened up the case the gears are still solid. Right now the door is opened and closed manually until I can figure it out. I adjusted the power settings on the back still nothing, I also adjusted how far it opens and closes. Nothing. It opens up fine but will not close anymore, unless I hold the button on the wall. Use to be able to just tap the button on the wall or remote and it would close fine. Just started happening about 2 weeks ago. motor still looks fine.

Posted by Ben

Admin: Your problem is in your infra red beams at the bottom of the door. There are two aspects that can cause the problem that you are describing. When you press and hold down the wall button, you are activating a diagnostic tool that separates the two similar problems. When you look at the beams, usually installed 1 ft off of the ground on either side of the door, you should see two led lights on at all times for this model. If both led lights are out then it is more likely that you have a wiring problem. of only one is out then align your beams. Below is a link if you need more help.