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Garage Door Cable

Questions and Answers

Garage door cable not fastened properly and let loose, how is it supposed to be fastened?
I am not sure what type of garage door it is but it has 2 springs ,one on each side. Its manually operated.One of the springs came loose and flew across the room. It appears that the cable holding the spring was attached to a 3 hole clip and wasn’t fastened correctly.Is there a certain way it should be done? How can it just come loose like that? We knew it needed repairs but never imagined it would or could hurt us. How is that cable supposed to be fastened? It seems like it was barely attached.The spring is fine but the cable is what let go? Please any info on this subject is appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Ter

Admin: There are generally two types of spring for garage doors. It sounds as if you have the extension type spring (one that stretches out as you close the door).

The cable is usually run through an “s” shaped hook and then held there through the three hole clip that you mention. The cable goes through one end then the center and pulls down through the center of the loop made capturing the loose end. Kind of like a cursive capital S. The other hole is for attaching it to the bolt. The cable should always run through the spring as it’s purpose is to keep the spring from flying across the room should it break.


Will I have any garage door issues if I use 30 inch springs?
One of my springs broke. It still had the home depot label p730c…its an extension spring.
The spring on the other side is older (a lot older) and 2 inches longer when laid side by side.
The garage door is 7 foot tall (8ft wide). and i am planning on replacing both springs now.

My neighbors springs are 28 inches, and he says I should use p728c or 28 inches. I want to use the 30 inches.
Hooking them up looks real easy. I had S hooks,l but the new springs come with bent V looking hooks with a bar across it.

Anyone have any experience?

Posted by Floy

Admin: You are correct to change both springs. It keeps the door in balance as well as easier to adjust. Either you use 28″ or 30″ springs will affect the adjustments.
There are two adjustment points for door springs, top and bottom and will affect the ease of operation. The “V” connector is usually for springs in pairs, however since the new springs will have a safety cable, its a convenient place to attach.  A correctly balanced door should set stable at chest height. More tips can be found on the link below.