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One Call Can Solve all your Garage Door Problems

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AMC Local Garage Door Repair Fremont CA

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Why Do Homeowners Choose Our Company for Garage Door Repair Fremont CA?

It is very important that your garage door is perfectly functional at all times. It can be an easy way of access for intruders, therefore you can’t afford to delay its repairing, in case of malfunction.

Our company is one of the best in garage door repair Fremont CA. Our reputation is built on our main values that are to provide the highest quality possible services, in the fastest and most effective way, so that our customers feel safe and secure. We are professional, reliable and trustworthy, thanks to our fully trained technicians who are always up to date with the latest garage door models and mechanisms. We’ve got all tools and the equipment needed to perform a good job, whatever type of repair or installation you may need. Our staff is not only highly trained but also knowledgeable and helpful, striving for the best customer service and satisfaction.

We offer repair services 24/7 and we are flexible in choosing our working hours, so that our customers can schedule us whenever it is the most convenient for them. Our range of services includes everything related to garage doors, from new installations and maintenance to fixing or replacing various broken parts, as you can see below:

Garage Door Installation / Replacement

If you want to replace your garage door or you just built your house and your garage and you need to install a door, we can help you. Our skilled team is ready to get you rid of your old door and replace it with a new one without any hassle from your side. If you want, we can also give you professional assistance in choosing the best garage door type for your specific situation.

Garage Door Repair Fremont

Garage Door Springs Replacement

Garage door springs are the most solicited parts, therefore they may break before the time comes to replace your door completely. If this happens, you should know that replacing the broken springs with new ones is not a big deal, if you have the skills and the right tools for the job. However, it is tedious and dangerous to do it yourself, therefore we advise you to contact our specialists to help you. Garage door springs usually operate under a big tension, so they can hurt you if you attempt to release it.

Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

In case you have an old model of door and you wish to modernize it by installing a garage door opener, our technicians at garage door repair Fremont can help you with a garage door repair professional installation, so that your opener works smoothly from the very beginning.

Garage Door Safety and Security

There are a few things homeowners can do by themselves when it comes to fixing or doing maintenance of their garage doors, but they should always take all safety measures in order to avoid incidents that may cost them an eye or even their life. Security is important, hence the wish to have a perfect garage door is understandable. Nonetheless, for your personal safety it is best to call the specialists to help you with such dangerous works. We can come faster than your next door neighbor, so consider saving our phone number in your agenda for the next time your garage door breaks unexpectedly.

Garage Door Repair Fremont CA

The Brand We Work With

  • Genie
  • Lift Master
How To Do Maintenance To Your Garage Door

Most homeowners know how to take care of their assets and how to do the maintenance works for their building. Garage doors, however, may require a special attention. They need to be properly aligned, therefore checking the alignment should be a routine operation. Oiling the hinges and the springs could also be needed more often than other works. Regular inspection and maintenance will help you detect all issues from their incipient stage, thus saving you a lot of money and trouble. Our technicians can instruct you on how to do your garage door inspections effectively, so that no fault escapes and everything gets fixed before it becomes too late.

What You Need To Do and Don’t Do with Off Track Garage Door

One of the most frequent issues of garage doors is that they can jump off track from time to time. You can fix this by yourself, but first of all you need to determine the cause. This requires a thorough inspection of the tracks. Check that they are very well anchored on the wall. If you find one that’s loose, you should know that could be the reason why your door wen off track. In this case, tighten the bolts with a wrench. If tracks are not loose, check them for dents or other kind of damage. Some dents can be repaired by using a hammer and a block of wood. If you have a mallet, try to use that instead.

AMC Garage Door Repair Fremont CA company

If everything looks right, but still your door doesn’t work properly, it’s maybe time to call our garage door repair Fremont CA company and let our professional technicians help you.