Garage Door Opener Installation

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Can you install a garage door opener by your self?
Hi, I want to add a garage door opener Installation in my garage,
I found a cheap easy to install one in walmart, I’m wondering if i can install it by my self?
does anyone have any experience with installations?

Posted by Mick

Admin: You just said in your question that you found a cheap, easy to install unit at WalMart, so I guess it should be easy to install. Actually, if you are at all familiar with tools and have a modicum of mechanical ability and can read and follow instructions you should be able to do this without a contractor. If you have a standard height ceiling in your garage you will need the drop down bracket that should be included in the kit. Be sure it’s all there, as some of the CHEAPER units don’t include it or some of it may be missing. Check to be sure everything that should be there is there before starting installation and if possible it wouldn’t hurt to have a friend around for holding this and handing you a tool if you’re up on the ladder, (which you will need), and are already holding something else up. Measure carefully, and be sure to wire the switch and box correctly. Also lining up the safety eyes is critical to proper operation. You should select a mounting point that’s out of the way of items that need to be stored, or used frequently and put away.


Question about garage door opener?
We have recently installed a 7′ garage door. We want to install an automatic door opener. Our ceiling is 10′ high. Need ideas on how to install opener.

Posted by El

Admin: The instructions for the opener will give you details for the installation, but basically, you need to install either metal angles with holes already in them or 2 x 4’s vertically from the ceiling to support the tracks. You will need 1/4-20 or 5/16-18 nuts & bolts if you use the metal angles or use the same nuts & bolts, only longer, for the 2 x 4’s, or use wood screws. You can get the metal angles at just about any hardware store.