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Garage Door Replacement

Questions and Answers

Garage door gasket replacement?
The previous owner used 4 inch wide strips of carpeting as a gasket seal around the garage door. It worked pretty well for a couple of years, but the daylight and elements have caused the carpet strips to deteriorate. I need something that will last a little better but not cost a fortune. What “handyman” solutions have you come up with?

In lieu of a split garden hose or something, do you have a source for a gasket I can buy on line that will not cost more than the “fix” is worth?

What I need is some sort of gasket to go up the sides and across the top of the frame against which the door will press when it is closed.
I looked on line at “Lowes” but didn’t see anything. What key words should I be using. I live way out in the sticks (desert of west Texas) and dirt is a bigger issue than water, but its about 50 miles to a store, so I thought it might be simpler to order it and have it delivered here.Is a different site better?

My hardware store didn’t have anything in stock. Now, if I’d wanted a stock tank, I could have gotten any of several different models.

Posted by Gerry

Admin: Yes they have a vinyl base with a rubber flange or lip. You should be able to get it at you local garage door company. The stuff we carry at my work is like $1.25 a foot. The door does not have to be down to do it. I usually have the door open and have the inside edge of the vinyl flush against the jamb.

As far as bottom seal you will need manufacturer of door and what it looks like where the seal slides in. It would help to bring in a piece of the old seal. Some seals you want it six inches to long so you can tuck it to hold it in place, and to help with shrinkage. Click here for more guide.


Where can i find replacement crank rods for roller garage doors?
My roller garage door has now stuck a quarter of the way up and I’ve lost my remote controller for it which I’m getting sorted but if i lose it again then i need this rod to manually crank up my door.

Posted by Jim

Admin: You probably need to find a company that sells that same door and see if they can get the part for you. You might contact the company direct and ask them if you can order the part from them. Usually any overhead door company can get replacement parts for most all doors.